Posted 6/28/2013
Finished the ad for the ARTaku contest. 
 I still need to convert it to multiple ad sizes.

Posted 6/28/2013
Wow it's so pretty!

Posted 6/28/2013
but it will be even more awesome~

Posted 6/28/2013
Fixed some image issues with the first version and than made a second version. Prefer to use only one though. So speak now.

Note: You'll have to refresh a few times for the first image to update. Or clear your browser cache.

Posted 6/28/2013
i vote for the second version! :3

Posted 6/28/2013
I agree with NeNe go for the second one!

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 6/28/2013
Yes, second.

Posted 6/28/2013
The colors on the second banner blend a lot better.

Posted 6/28/2013
Yes thanks to the dulled out backround everything else just pops out at you.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 6/28/2013
Alright, since everyone prefers the second I'll just stick with that one for the campaign.
 It matches the site's primary colors or blue and orange as well.

Posted 6/28/2013
And here are all of the different versions...
Show Ads



Large Leaderboard: (Shrunk Down)

Medium Rectangl and Square:

Large Rectangle and Small Square:



Permanently remove poll and all votes forever.
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