Posted 6/01/2012

Konnichiwa minna-san!

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Jya mata ne!

Posted 6/02/2012
Hiya I'm from Cali and I love shoujo manga and anime.

Posted 6/05/2012

Welcome elicechan!

Posted 6/05/2012
Am a great freak######***##### Anyway do u really want 2 know me?

Posted 6/14/2012
hi i am awesome

Posted 6/14/2012

Hi awesome! D:

Posted 6/15/2012

Posted 6/20/2012
hi im brandon im 24 and have been a huge gundam fan since mobile suite gundam startedi watvh others series as well but gundam is my favorite

Posted 6/22/2012

is your avatar from highschool of the dead

Posted 6/22/2012

Of course! It's Kohta Hirano.

Something about a crazed military otaku amuses me.

Posted 6/27/2012
Hi I love anime im a little young so I stay up past my bed time to watch anime.

Posted 6/28/2012

hi everyone my name is sailor moonfan 98 and i love anime and manga very much and i am  a very friendly and a very sweet person

Posted 6/30/2012
Hey! i'm aira just call me the way you want it. I usually play table tennis and i love Takashima Kei.! ;))

Posted 7/02/2012
I am kind, nice, YOLO, Swag,respectful and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted 7/09/2012
i love anime and that is all. oh and throwing knives

Posted 7/10/2012

nice to meet you

Posted 7/13/2012
i'd love eureka seven

Posted 7/13/2012

@fadildlz Astral Ocean is just starting to really pick up. Episode 12 just brought the series to a whole new level. :)

Posted 7/14/2012
hi im james

Posted 7/14/2012
Uno magnifico

Posted 7/14/2012
hallo dragonguardian i talk any type of anime
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