Posted 8/23/2012

Hi, its me devilride08141988,,..... I just wanted know if how can I change the icon and change some of the images of the anime characters that I previously submitted,,...... T.Y.

Posted 10/25/2012

Sorry for the delay. You should be able to freely do this now with the latest update. New system allows anyone who has contributed 50+ entries to freely edit all characters.

Posted 3/25/2013
I changed my icon but it's only showing the update at the top right hand corner. My icon won't change in the forums, my profile, or anywhere else.

Thank you.

Posted 3/25/2013
It's changed. It just that your browser caches images so you'll need to refresh a few times for it to appear. Sadly I can't force browsers to detect updated images.

Posted 3/25/2013
I noticed I can edit my characters not the Anime I submitted!

Posted 3/25/2013
At this time changes to anime is limited for the posters. Let me know of what you want to change and I'll make those changes.

There are plans to make changes for users to have full access as well as those that contribute 50 or more entries. The character editor is a lot more up to date so you shouldn't have those issues.

Posted 3/25/2013
Aaah, I see. Thanks.

Posted 6/26/2022
Good eve, Mr. Webmaster,,..... Can I make a request, if you don't mind,,...? I just wanted to edit some of the anime that I submitted,,...?  Here are the ff: Solty Rei, Sailor Moon, Little Mermaid & Emma: A Victorian Romance,,... T.Y.,,
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