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Added character entry for Hughes, Gracia
Hughes, Gracia Gracia Hughes is a kind-hearted and loving wife of Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes. She is very kind, sweet and nice to everyone and during occasions, she's making sweets and baking cakes to the Elric brothers and Winry.
Added character entry for Hughes, Maes
Hughes, Maes Maes Hughes was an Amestrian State Military officer stationed in the Investigations Office in Central City and the best friend of Col. Roy Mustang. He is a very devoted family man and ideal soldier and he is described by his colleagues as amicable, cheerful and some parts of it are annoying.
Added character entry for Mustang, Roy
Mustang, Roy Roy is a State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military. He seems to be a shallow, self-absorbed and cocky womanizer as he shows his selfish and self-loving aura to many of his colleagues and subordinates alike.
Added character entry for Sara
Sara Sara has a cold personality, like Caren, when she switched to the evil side but actually is a kind-hearted mermaid. She falls in love with a human named Tarou who eventually left her after discovering her mermaid identity and after his sudden departure, Sara started to plant hatred towards humans.
Added character entry for Coco
Coco Coco is described as bright, lovely, and kind-hearted. She is also a fun-loving girl and would often go around the beach to flirt with boys. One of her most defining traits is being loyal to her mermaid friends.
Added character entry for Caren
Caren Caren is somewhat mysterious in any way and she acts cold towards the other mermaid princesses at their first meeting. She is the twin sister of Noel with whom she never met because they were born in a different ocean realm. Despite having a hard nature, she still cares for her mermaid friends.
Added character entry for Noel
Noel Noel has a gentle, kind-hearted nature and shy at the same time. She loves to read detective books that reflects her analytical personality and sometimes she can be a bit bold. Noel is very supportive to her friends and gives them encouragement especially to Lucia when she's feeling blue and down.
Added character entry for Tōin, Rina
Tōin, Rina Rina is described as very serious and fearless. She was admired by her friends because of her cool attitude, beauty and grace, honesty, intelligence, and loyal nature. She also has the best voice out of all the mermaids.
Added character entry for Hōshō, Hanon
Hōshō, Hanon Hanon is a kind, generous, and friendly mermaid who thinks that falling in love with a human is a mistake but she quickly diverted her mind after meeting Tarō. She tends to feel envious every time she sees Tarō admiring by the other girls. Hanon has a side nature of being mischievous and sometimes enjoys teasing her friends.
Added character entry for Nanami, Lucia
Nanami, Lucia Lucia is known for having a very upbeat personality and optimistic. Her hobbies includes making handmade jewelries. She has a very loving and caring heart, which proves to be useful in bringing out the good in everyone.
Replied to Icon change and edit photos
devilride08141988 Good eve, Mr. Webmaster,,..... Can I make a request, if you don't mind,,...? I just wanted to edit some of the anime that I submitted,,...?  Here are the ff: Solty Rei, Sailor Moon, Little Mermaid & Emma: A Victorian Romance,,... T.Y.,,
Replied to Icon change and edit photos
devilride08141988 Good eve,, 
Added character entry for Halford, Robert
Halford, Robert Robert Halford is the good-looking friend of William who also comes from a wealthy family but is lacking the title. During one of the gatherings, he told his friend, William to endure the party out of boredom.
Added character entry for Al
Al Al is the local jack-of-all-trades who was the childhood friend of Doug Stownar. He often visits Kelly Stownar at her home and she would asked Al to fix things for her around the house and shares her concern about Emma to him.
Added character entry for Queen Rosebud
Queen Rosebud Queen Rosebud is the mother of Snow White and the first wife of King Conrad. She's a kind-hearted, polite, gentle, wise, loving, motherly, naive and compassionate queen who was loved by her family and her subjects alike. She died of an illness and King Conrad was left grief-stricken and her daughter without a mother to look after.
Added character entry for King Conrad
King Conrad King Conrad is the father of Snow White, the husband of late Queen Rosebud and the ruler of the Green Valley kingdom. He was a brave, noble man and a benevolent ruler who inspired great loyalty and respect to his subject. He was devastated when his wife died and for this reason he remarried again for the second time because he loves his daughter, Snow White, dearly and wanted to make the princess feel a mother's love again.
Added character entry for Lady Chrystal
Lady Chrystal Lady Chrsytal or better know as "The Evil Queen" is the new queen of Green Valley after Queen Rosebud's death. She was a beautiful woman with porcelain skin but very vain and evil. One of her main possession is the magic mirror in which she would often ask "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
Added character entry for Prince Richard
Prince Richard Prince Richard is the love interest of Snow White and the prince of Albertville. He is described as brave, kind-hearted, gallant, loyal, heroic and smart. His most-feared in life is to loose his love, Snow White and he'll do anything to protect her at all cost.
Added character entry for Snow White
Snow White Snow White is the princess of the kingdom of Green Valley. She is described as the "Fairest Of Them All" with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony wood. Snow White 's life was as precious as before until her mother died and her father married again whose new wife, the Queen, is vicious, conniving and most of all evil. But despite of that bad treatment she gets from her stepmother, Snow White still remains kind, gentle and optimistic.
Added character entry for Charles
Charles Prince Charles is the prince of Emerald City who resides at the Emerald Castle. He is described as a mischievous, wanderlust and playful boy who loves to sneak out of the castle secretly and change his fancy suit to a peasant attire, courtesy of Alex, and goes to town disguise as a commoner. His turn-off in life is being the center of attention and prefers the life at the outside world. Charles' point of view in life is somewhat different from a royal family because he doesn't care about the luxurious things and physical appearances but more of taking responsibilities and that he has so much things to learn outside the palace and finding his own self.
Added character entry for Cinderella
Cinderella Cinderella is a kindhearted, generous, optimistic, gentle and patient young girl. She is an animal lover and for this reason she doesn't like hunting. She dreams big of living in a great luxurious castle but what is stopping her way is her new step-family. After Cinderella's mother died, four years ago, her father married again, a woman with two daughters of her own, and after he left for a business trip leaving under his new wife's care, her new family starts to abuse the girl by transferring her room to the attic, taking away her beautiful clothes and forcing her to wear rags and for most of the part, doing household chores like cleaning the whole house, washing the dishes, ironing the clothes, cooking and serving them food and tea and etc.
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