Posted 6/16/2013
As a huge fan of animation in general, not just anime, I'm really enjoy a lot of the smaller animators on YouTube that do an outstanding job at what they do. So I decided to post a few of my favorites on this thread.
Feel free to join in. 

Just be sure NOT to post vids from anime companies. These are those few small charms of animation you find across the web. I'll start with on of my favorite animators Jaltoid and then add a few others. Remember post the links using the "share this video" tab on youtube to embed the video on the forums.

Also note that while these are on YouTube by the original creators. Many of them go their starts on New Grounds and other sites.

WARNING: Not all of these videos may be appropriate for younger audiences as they may contain gore and adult humor.

First video is from Jaltoid who is a team of Dalton and Emi.


Posted 6/16/2013
The next one is one of hotdiggedydemon's earlier YouTube videos from 2009 that become a bit of an animated story. Hotdiggedydemon is best known lately for his Pony.MOV videos which parody My Little Pony. The Pony.MOV videos is only for older viewers.


Posted 6/16/2013
This one is my favorite of RedMinus. Really great animation with outstanding voice work. The video is based on the Nyan cat.

Nan Caxx

Posted 6/16/2013
This next one has become a bit of a cult classic on YouTube with a ton of views by Fat-Pie (David Firth). This is his most well known work on YouTube Salad Fingers. The content may be a bit much for young views. Not to be watched by those who don't want nightmares.

Salad Fingers

Posted 6/16/2013
This next one is by Jason Steele's channel FilmCow (SecretAgentBob). He first become well known for Charlie the Unicorn. If you don't mind crude and dark humor I would give it a look. His other videos are fantastic but not for younger audiences.

Charlie the Unicorn

Posted 6/16/2013
Back when I was in school everyone was a huge fan of Neurotically Yours (Foamy The Squirrel) created by Jonathan Ian Mathers of iLL WiLL Press. For this I'll share the first video ever created back in 2003.


Posted 6/16/2013
This video is from Eddsworld. The series was first created by Edd Gould who sadly passed away in 2012 due to cancer. Since than his friend TomSka has taken over the series which is now called Eddsworld Legacy and all profits made on the channel and website go to charity. This video is from one of their best known episodes,

Zanta Claws

Posted 6/16/2013
This next animator is HarryPartridge. The quality and voice work is outstanding and he's known to work with a lot of other animators.


Posted 6/16/2013
This next one is a Japanese animator Leg.ofguy who does an incredible job of mixing Minecraft animation with anime intros.

[Minecraft] MINING'!!

Posted 6/16/2013
Next is TwistedGrimTV. Again like many other animators the content is more geared toward older audiences. The artwork is very well done and of course there's a Pokemon parody so I gotta share it.


Posted 6/16/2013
This next one is an amazing piece of artwork that deserves to be viewed. One of my favorite videos on YouTube and one that the creator James Lee poured his blood and sweat into. I present to you the one and only,


Posted 6/16/2013
Ever wonder what happened to all of those lives you lost playing Mario? Well Ricepirate has the answer for you! Not only does Ricepirate excel with animation and voice acting, but the videos have some of the best musical scores I've heard in small animation.

Rubert da Koopa

Posted 6/16/2013
In order to prevent me from getting hate mail from all of his fans, and trust me I would not be surprised if they did, I present Thor's Hammer from egoraptor who needs absolutely no introduction. 

Thor's Hammer

Posted 6/16/2013
RubberNinja is an animator best known for his Hairy Pooper and Derpcraft videos. Ross is one of the many animators who has been getting better and better over the years and I look forward to see what he comes out with in the future.


Posted 6/16/2013
High5Toons has a very unique style that is more toned down than most in a very laid back and entertaining style. His videos are of course aimed toward an older audience. This particular video is an ingenious take of the Elephant Song from Dumbo. Really takes you back to the core of animation.

The Pink Elephant

Posted 6/16/2013
This next animator Ukinojoe has a few great animations to look at. While he hasn't been as active lately with larger projects his older videos are still great to look at. I would be sure to keep checking back at his works as he's been playing with a lot of different art styles lately so it'll be interesting to see how well his animation turns out in the next few years.

Bobby's New Hobby

Posted 6/16/2013
El Cid has been doing some outstanding work over the years and is pretty well established. I'm going to share one if his older videos from several years ago which parodies the entire movie of Bambee. What more can I say than it's just awesome! Btw, spoilers if you haven't seen Bambee!

Posted 6/16/2013
Mr. Stamper has some great gems if you're into more adult humor. His videos are few and far between but it's worth a shot if have the time.

Comme un Poisson

Posted 6/16/2013
OneyNG often works together along with pychicpebbles. Their artwork is outstanding they do an amazing job. There videos are aimed toward an older audience and not suitable for children. The video I'm going to going to be showing you is from the series Leo and Satan. The series has been a huge success and has even been scouted for a potential TV series. Due to conflicts of interest the it does not look like the series will be created any time soon.

Leo and Satan - Algebra Aversion

Posted 6/16/2013
The next animator is pychicpebbles who as mentioned before often works with OneyNG. Ever hear all of those arrow to the knee jokes when Skyrim first came out? Then do you remember all of the annoying anti-arrow to the knee jokes. Well this is the guy that helped make it happen! Again, not for younger audiences.

Arrow to the Knee

Posted 6/16/2013
With those I'm going to end for tonight. I may add more later! 
 I'll also look into making the YouTube videos load faster with multiple embeds on the same page.
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