Posted 9/08/2013
I thought I'd make a thread about the news we hear about upcoming tv shows and movies. Like for example, the fact that Ben Affleck will be playing the role of Batman in the upcoming Batman movie, which is unusual of him to be playing such a character as mysteriously bold as Batman. So, people aren't really expecting an amazing performance.

But what I really wanted to bring to your attention is the premiere of Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits!!!! Finally, we've been waiting months and it's premiering next week!
Friday, September 13 at 7pm on Nickelodeon

I think on Nick Canada, it'll be 6 pm, at least that's what I remember the commercial saying, but if it doesn't come on at 6, I'll obviously check the next hour.

Anyway, I've been waiting impatiently for this second season. Hopefully, you've all already seen the AMAZING trailer. The Avatar series are my absolute favorite animation ever outside of Japanese animation! How excited are you? How awesome is this visual above, and how beautiful is the trailer?

Posted 9/10/2013
Really, I'm the only one here who watches this!? Ok.

Posted 9/10/2013
Yes you are Complex. You are the lonely number one who only watches legend of Korra. Not that I myself have not watched The legend of Avatar and is certainly NOT trying to rewatch the legend of Korra due to the fact that he doesn't remember anything about how it ended. Nor is he starting to regret putting the time and effort in re-watching the entire legend of Korra series....

Posted 9/10/2013
Whaaaaa you mean Ebel-chan is re-watching Korra and regretting it? Why? I'll tell you how it ends, so you can remember. Because, well, damn. The second season is coming up and it looks like it's going to be so rad:

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Tarlok and Amon escape Republic City on a boat, and Amon suggests they start a new life elsewhere, and Tarlok doesn't disagree but I think he says "I love you" or some sentimental stuff like that. Then he takes the glove-device that Amon was using to temporarily remove benders of their powers, and he uses it to blow up the boat somehow.

Posted 9/10/2013
well darn, now you spoiled it for me. Actually technically speaking,  I did click spoiler therefore I am the one who is spoiled. Anyway, there are just so many things coming out this year and I'm falling behind on anime shows I wanted to watch. 
 I guess I don't have to re-watch the entire legend of korra anymore. On the other hand I thought there was more to the ending. 

Posted 9/11/2013
No, there's a lot more to the ending, but that was just the very last minute of the last episode.

I am falling behind on anime I've wanted to watch this summer too.

Posted 9/12/2013
I probably will end up watching it somewhere on TV. I got rid of cable a long time ago and made netflix along with crunchyroll for number one source of entertainment. I bet I could try to find it online once it is aired.

Posted 9/12/2013
I still have to get around to avatar. Not sure when i'll get around to it. So much to watch. I did see the first live action movie and it was alright. At least enough to make me interested in seeing the series.

Posted 9/13/2013
I don't know about you guys, but Nick Canada flopped on me and is showing an older episode of Legend of Korra. Whatever!

Posted 9/14/2013
Well the official website for nick has it up already for rebel spirit.

Posted 10/14/2013
Ok so, the Canadian premiere was two weeks ago. I did see it. It was amazing! But I never understand why American premieres, for just about anything, are always earlier than Canada. I just don't understand.

Posted 10/15/2013
Ok so, the Canadian premiere was two weeks ago. I did see it. It was amazing! But I never understand why American premieres, for just about anything, are always earlier than Canada. I just don't understand.
 Ah good question I guess it has to do simple with money. They send it to America first so people buy then send it  then to next less populated area to continue profits. It could also due with travel distance and connection to other counties and America has a strong bond with Japan at this time. I'm sure a computer prodigy Nyo knows more on this subject then I.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 10/15/2013
I would guess it's because there are more people in America so it's easier to get a release here than in Canada. Of course the larger the market the more money so it only makes sense.

It could also deal with copyright law. The legal process could either be more lengthy or not as familiar to foreign countries which could delay things. But that's just speculation.
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