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Skip Beat! Review*
Kyoko in all her glory

***There are some spoilers included in this review***
Skip Beat is one of the few anime I enjoyed with a female MC (Main Character). It is also one of the few romantic comedies that left me wanting to see more. Furthermore, I have grown a connection to this anime relating to the problems that I am currently facing in real life.
The main character, Kyoko, finally broke off her relationship with her childhood friend top idol, Sho. Also, Sho was just using her. Anyway,  no longer will she be the pure Kyoko he always knew instead she will become his worst enemy, at least she hopes so. In order to achieve her goal though, she must become the best actress in the entertainment world.
To become the top actress, Kyoko must change herself. Thus, her adventures in the anime heavy focus on her trying to change. Many obstacles come in her way such as Tsuruga Ren. Additionally, she struggles with not believing in love and  despises the thought of loving someone. However, she is perfectly fine with liking other people as friends. She is a complicated individual who still believes in fairy tail stories, likes all types of cute stuff relating to fairy tails.
As a side note, she is very determined person which I wish I could be. Then again, her determination stems from wanting revenge against sho which is a bad reason to want to change yourself. Of course throughout the anime, she succeeds in changing herself in a good way but there is still that part of her that cannot accept loving someone because of the scar left by Sho. 
In a way, I been harboring similar feelings felt by Kyoko. I want to change myself just like Kyoko but not for revenge. I want to become a better person for the sake of being a better person. Although, I wish the most that I had Kyoko enthusiasm and demeanor to out right show her feelings of distinguish and hatred. Instead for some reason I still like the thought of pleasing other people other than my own. It is a struggle that I am going through along with mental health issues.
Kyoko with her randomness.

Moving along, this is a somewhat serious anime dealing with Kyoko's problems but it still reflects her struggles trying to accept a new love and dealing with Sho. It also, reflects a lot of comedic moments that never deal with panty shots or inappropriate sexual scenes which I am really happy about. As you all can tell, I hate those types of scenes and it will most likely feel out of place in this anime.
If I had to sum up how this anime felt in few words, I would say it felt like a drama romantic comedy anime. In fact, I might have made it seem too much of a serious anime. On the contrary, I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe. I also couldn't think of anything that I dislike about the anime, except for one thing.
The ending was bad to me personally. It left me with a feeling that there was still a lot of things left over as well as didn't answer the question if Kyoko will end up with Sho or Ren. Plus, I read the manga and the anime really did leave off at a place that was bad. Furthermore, she was getting better at acting and would have met one of her greatest enemy in her struggles, if the anime had continued a little longer.
On the plus side, there wasn't anything else that the anime struggled with. Music in Skip Beat! was awesome and melt perfectly in each and every scene in the anime. Although sadly, there is only the Japanese voice cast right now for the anime. So, don't expect any English dub to come out soon. 
Animation: 4/5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
On the top of my head, I simply cannot think of an anime series that have strong comedic female lead but I can think of another anime that has a strong female character and a funny female lead:
Twelve Kingdoms: A serious story anime that has a strong female character. A lot of philosocial elements are also in the anime that might touch upon your feels.
Lovely complex: A funny romantic comedy that has a funny female lead. Story-line deals with both the male lead and female lead having a complex about their heights.
Where can you watch the anime?: Crunchyroll 

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New Years Resoultion
Self portrait image by yours truly.

Depression has gotten the best of me in these last few months. No, that is a lie. Depression has gotten the best of me most of my life or I could still be clinical classified as having a bipolar disorder.  If so, that would explain why I have been feeling depressed most of my years so far because I have been off my medicine for a long time due to money problems. Either way, I need to be on some medicine soon so I can stop feeling medical depress or whatever I have.
It didn't help my depression when I was constantly barrage with a bunch of problems. I was back stabbed from a friend or two, stop being friends with them completely. I was even lied to constantly about certain things that were supposed to have happened. To make matters worse, I had to deal with a few legal issues which I wanted no part of but how could I say no when I have no choice in the matter?
Okay, all of my depressing feelings are out. Lets talk about something I always do every year: a new years resolution. I create one every year filled with my expectations and things I want to change about myself this year. I'm going to proudly share my goals with you guys because I want to. So, here is the following list of things I want do next year or change about myself:
  • Obtain medicine to cure my mental disorders.
  • Have more friends to talk about my feelings.
  • Become more responsible.
  • Become more organize with the way I live and my feelings.
  • Become more assertive about things I want or say to people, not be boggle down by politics.
  • Join a Buddhist sect or obtain more knowledge about Buddhism.
  • Go to Pax West or go to the anime convention in California.
  • Polish my drawing skills more to do comics and animations.
  • Improve my programming skills.
  • Upload at least 15 complete lets plays on YouTube.
  • Complete 25 RPG(s) on  a live stream.
  • Obtain a web/server development internship locally in my area. 
  • Cook new recipes.
  • Budget my income more.
  • Start a website.
There are many more on channel 4 that I forgot to mention. Nevertheless, I have a few people that I want to try to become that represents the type of person I want to be:
  • Muhammad Ali (Boxer)
  • Steve Jobs (Apple CEO)
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO)
  • Gabe Newell (Valve CEO)
  • Morgan Freeman (that guy with the great voice)
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson (Scientist of stars)
  • Michio Kaku (Scientist)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Artist)
Also guys expect some interesting things in February coming from me and someone else Finally, I think the year of 2014 will be one of my successful years in creativity. 
Ryouku(light brown hair girl), Ringo (red hair, short), Ryoshi(black hair, green shirt) along with the rest of the gang.

An effective narrator is hard to come by. They need to be good with not just their voice but also their dialogue. Still, it is a wonder if a narrator is needed at all in certain anime and stories, when a simple response from the characters would suffice. When the narrator is excellent though, the story's feelings and thoughts can be perfectly portrayed to the audience.
In Okami and her seven companions anime however, the narrator is pretty annoying. She does not add anything to the plot.  And at times she would talk over the characters voices, making it hard to understand what is going on. She doesn't want to stop talking in every episode of the anime too. Whats worse, she conveys the obvious things that is going on: commentary.  It's a real shame for the story, considering how unique the characters were portrayed personality wise.  
Story Development
Holding hands? Who could have thought?

The story tried to make the main characters each feeling unique in their own way. Ryoshi, the male black hair lead, had a problem with people looking at him. Ryouku, the female brown hair lead, was very tsundere and uses her fist alot. Ringo, companion of Ryoku, likes to tease Ryouku but has Ryouku's best interest at heart. Liszt, head of the otogi bank, is a master of disguise and lazy at times. Alice, Liszt's cousin, is formal and very good at her work. Majolica, mysterious girl, loves to make things and very easy going. Otsuu, a maid of otogi bank, tries to help people while always wearing a maid outfit. Otohime, mistress to Tarou, likes to "play" with Tarou and wants him to declare his undying love all the time. Tarou, ladies man, is interested in every lady but is tied down to Otohime's love. Finally, the villain, Shirou has a twisted personality that loves to give people pain. Although, the anime doesn't diverge away from Ryouku's and Ryoshi's perspective.
With that said, the anime really doesn't fully tell the story of the other main characters. Shirou, the villain of the main conflict, doesn't help drive the story when he is not stopped and continues his way towards the end, little change has been made. It is the same way with the romantic relationship of Ryoshi and Ryouku, little to no development. On the other hand, the manga had the reader more intimate with the hardships and past of each main character. To put it in perspective, the anime was too short. 
The anime length should have been longer than 12 episodes. We would had a better romantic development between Ryouku and Ryoshi, less punching gag (Ryouku constantly hurt Ryoshi due to her feelings). Each main character could fully tell their side of the main story. Also, Shirou would have been stopped at the end instead of letting him go and allowing him to do as he please, a cliff hangar ending. It is a very bitter feeling too when nothing was solved and no real development was made in the anime. 
Overall score
Oh, Ringo likes to tease.

I want to emphasis that the narrator was nauseating. Again, the narrator made it hard for me to understand what was going on. Half the time, I was thinking I didn't understand English thanks to the narrator. Please do not watch the anime for that reason besides the reasons listed above for it being short, bad conflict, and bad story development.
Animation: 3/5
Sound/Music: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Final Score: 2/5 Bad, do not recommend, do not bother unless you really love short anime.
Where to watch:,,, Blueray/DVD
Anime Recommendations
Toradora: A better love comedy than Okami-san and her seven companions. A real genuine tsundere you can love, small and cute main female lead. Check out TheAwsome's review on the anime.
Zero no Tsukaima: The female lead is a tsundere as well but the setting is in a fantasy world where the main character is stuck there. Might get a little old if you don't like explosions and tsundere comedy.
Ouran High School Host Club: Wacky characters you can love with a slight angle of love in the mix. One of the best all time love comedy anime.
Getbackers: Not relating to love comedy; however, there are similar systems set up in where the anime both treat request from customers as important. Plus, it is more serious and much more interesting world to see though.

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