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Log Horizon - One of the best anime I seen in 2013

With the year of 2013 coming to a close, I have come up with a wishlist of things I want seen in at least one anime next. My wish list is the following:
  • A fantasy world setting.
  • An adventure that is longer than 12 episodes but not longer than 64 episodes!
  • No harem or romance in the anime that distracts the plot.
  • A main character that isn't naive or stupid.
  • Comedy that doesn't result as of physical harm to characters.
  • Little to no fan-service in the anime.
My wishlist is generated from what I grown sick of seeing in an anime. I'm not asking for much though; all I expect is a compelling story I will remember from the anime. That is it. However, that is asking to much from the current anime generation because of market saturation. I suspect my expectations will be too high.
For that matter, plenty of the anime already set to release in 2014 deal with romance as being a major ingredient in the plot. This in my opinion, have always been a bad thing since not every romance anime out there is interesting to watch.  You're also creating the atmosphere for anime to be mostly about romance and not about engaging topics or have interesting story-lines.
It is interesting that Naruto Shippuden is supposedly going to end in the mid-2014 at least according to the author of the manga. With that said, there is nothing on my radar telling me that we have any replacements for the Naruto Shippuden and Bleach. In fact, the current talk about the anime has been mostly reflected on One Piece and Fairy Tail. 
Sometime in 2015 we might get a new anime that has the same  level of enthusiasm and support of those two anime tv shows but not in 2014. There is no manga out there right now that is popular enough to release an anime in 2014. Instead, we will get a great original anime tv show that doesn't rely on a manga for the back story but not have the same support as Naruto Shippuden and Bleach.
About 7-10 anime will have some type of cute animation style. This in turn means that those cute animation style anime will also have comedy in it and deal with either romance or cute girls doing something. Above all though, these same 7-10 will only be about 12 episodes long.
Above all though, we will have about 90% of all anime made in 2014 to deal with romance or have romance in the anime make it a major plot point. Other than that, the year 2014 will be a disappointing year for me to watch because of romance comedy anime.
So, what do you guys want in 2014 for Anime?

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