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Love Hina
Keitaro and Naru in his fantasy. Pretty much sums up this anime. 

The main character Keitaro Urashima has failed twice to enter Tokyo University; he really wanted to marry his childhood friend who he does not remember.To make matters worse, his parents are forcing Keitaro to move out. Lucky for Keitaro, he received a phone call from his grandmother to visit the Hinata Inn. Once he arrives there, he learns the Inn has become a female dormitory and he has an opportunity to become the manager. Thus our comedic story begins...
Keep in mind, Keitaro does not remember what the name of his childhood friend is. So, he has to put together the pieces in his mind to figure out who his childhood friend is and succeed in getting into Tokyo University. Therefore, most of the anime storyline takes place between him battling his wits over Tokyo University and solving his past.
Moving along here, there are some female characters that distract him at time but it is quite clear in the anime that Naru and Keitaro will hook up eventually. All that is needed is simply for both of them to admit that they like each other. Granted I did feel there was a possibly he was going to hook up with Mutsumi but she just wanted Naru and Keitaro to have a relationship together:-marriage. They really could have used mutsumi more but oh well.
Anyway, really do enjoy the comedy the most in the anime rather than the story-line. Naru constantly hits Keitaro, deserves it for being an idiot. Also, there are those moments where the misunderstandings about relationships are funny. I would really like to go into more details about how funny this anime is but disclosing about the jokes is not fun for people. Bear in mind though, that most of the jokes are sort of sexual and misunderstandings. 
Sample of the comedy

Love Hina is a perfect anime except for a few things. First off, the English dub is really terrible. Secondly, the anime quality isn't the best if you are used to the more modern anime but may be unique to you then. Thirdly, the opening of the anime is great but the rest of the music is disappointing.  Finally, the ending of the anime wasn't good. In fact, you should read the manga for a better ending. Plus, you get to see Naru in her wedding dress: Spoilers.
Animation: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Sound/Music: 3/5
Overall: 4/5
The following are good anime recommendations:
Negmia: Similar style but a better harem, you want that right?
To love ru: A modern take on anime fill with panty shots for your delight.
Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai: Similar to the harem type of setting but more focus on one male and female lead as well.

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