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New Years Resoultion
Self portrait image by yours truly.

Depression has gotten the best of me in these last few months. No, that is a lie. Depression has gotten the best of me most of my life or I could still be clinical classified as having a bipolar disorder.  If so, that would explain why I have been feeling depressed most of my years so far because I have been off my medicine for a long time due to money problems. Either way, I need to be on some medicine soon so I can stop feeling medical depress or whatever I have.
It didn't help my depression when I was constantly barrage with a bunch of problems. I was back stabbed from a friend or two, stop being friends with them completely. I was even lied to constantly about certain things that were supposed to have happened. To make matters worse, I had to deal with a few legal issues which I wanted no part of but how could I say no when I have no choice in the matter?
Okay, all of my depressing feelings are out. Lets talk about something I always do every year: a new years resolution. I create one every year filled with my expectations and things I want to change about myself this year. I'm going to proudly share my goals with you guys because I want to. So, here is the following list of things I want do next year or change about myself:
  • Obtain medicine to cure my mental disorders.
  • Have more friends to talk about my feelings.
  • Become more responsible.
  • Become more organize with the way I live and my feelings.
  • Become more assertive about things I want or say to people, not be boggle down by politics.
  • Join a Buddhist sect or obtain more knowledge about Buddhism.
  • Go to Pax West or go to the anime convention in California.
  • Polish my drawing skills more to do comics and animations.
  • Improve my programming skills.
  • Upload at least 15 complete lets plays on YouTube.
  • Complete 25 RPG(s) on  a live stream.
  • Obtain a web/server development internship locally in my area. 
  • Cook new recipes.
  • Budget my income more.
  • Start a website.
There are many more on channel 4 that I forgot to mention. Nevertheless, I have a few people that I want to try to become that represents the type of person I want to be:
  • Muhammad Ali (Boxer)
  • Steve Jobs (Apple CEO)
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO)
  • Gabe Newell (Valve CEO)
  • Morgan Freeman (that guy with the great voice)
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson (Scientist of stars)
  • Michio Kaku (Scientist)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Artist)
Also guys expect some interesting things in February coming from me and someone else Finally, I think the year of 2014 will be one of my successful years in creativity. 
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    Yes you have some good role models it seems. As for your youtube channel I really like that Dark Souls play-through! Also I'm glad you found a tool to drive you forward.
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    Ebel +1
    Looking through my website notes: The website will mostly focused on my twitch stream, my game server information, D&D 4e weapon modification project, programs(s), games, book updates, and etc. Basically focus on my side projects that I'm doing right now such as designs, programs, twitch stuff, and etc. However, any anime or game review will still be on under my blog. Also, my comic that I'm still working on will be on otakuelite and hopefully an ongoing comic series.
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    Whats your website going to be about?
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    @Ebel: wow,you're so inspired. :) Hope you can achieve all that. ^^
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    Leonardo on the other hand, was a great thinker and a great person in fulfilling his curiosity. I use to be curiosity about a great number of things and tried to fulfill that curiosity of mine but was stop due to asking too many questions or was called annoying for trying to figure out things. That is why I want to be like Leonardo da vinci and fulfill my curiosity about science, people, art, and the universe.
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    Complex, Muhammad Ali's speeches show how determine, great, energetic, and poetic he was during his boxing career. Also, he became the greatest boxer at age 22 when he became the youngest heavy weight champions. So, if he can become great at age 22 then I can become great when at that age too. Plus, I want to become that energetic, determine, and poetic in the things I do and say.
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    I have some pretty big goals myself. Just work on it little by little and you'll be able to hit them. :) The role model list will be a bit more difficult and I think that will only come with years of hard work and dedication.
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    I hope you accomplish or start the process of all your goals this year. I think your list of inspirational people is a great one. ;) Why do you want to be like Muhammad Ali and Leonardo Da Vinci?
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