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This Anime was fun and enjoyable to watch. One good aspect of this Anime is that it did what it was good at. The story wasn't half bad either just rushed in a bit.  The story it self is about Akuto a guy who gets into "Magic Academy". He plans to build a great future for himself but he soon discovers the secret his blood hides.
This art seen in this Anime is very appealing. This goes into account with the vivid colors we see and the variety of places are characters go on. The scenes promoted high energy which worked well with the overall story and our cast of characters. You can tell the creators put some work into them as they built every environment beautifully. It can be safely said that the Art in this Anime is a strong point.
The characters here were very generic. We have seen them before. While this may be true they are still enjoyable to watch. You don't hate the characters but but they are not memorable either. They could have been pulled off better by adding something different. Sure one's a witch and the other one is an android but we have all seen this before nothing new or mind blowing. As for the characters back stories they do get slightly developed as the Anime progress. They concentrate more on the main characters then the side ones. What I liked though is that we seem to learn more about them each episode. Only one thing some of it seemed force because there really wasn't a purpose in some of it. I think if this Anime had more episodes to work with we may have seen better development.
We can't forget the design of the characters. They were very colorful and smooth in shape. The designs were also built to support the ecchi seen in the Anime. I liked the look of them though as they were very appealing in respect and wouldn't mind looking again. The designs overall worked well with this type of Anime and the art complements it.
The ecchi factor in this Anime is one that is concentrated on. This can be seen in the variety of fan-service ranging from tentacles to naked aprons. By using a variety of elements different audiences were attracted. Like in "To-Love-Ru" I rather enjoyed some of it as comedy was thrown into the mix of it. Still I feel that the ecchi factor was abused a bit I mean the characters need to wear cloths in battle. The only I can say is to use different types every so often as it gets boring seeing the same ecchi scenes come around.
The battles oh the battles were huge here. I really enjoyed them as they were full of demons and fists. The Animation that went into them was great. All the movements were smooth an precise which is important in battle scenes. We see more battles in the end but all them were respectably fun to see. The battle themselves did hold an element of importance as it brought about about character development and the movement of the plot forward. In the end the battles were visually stunning and even helped push along the story.
The story in the Anime was seen before making it generic. We have all seen it before so this Anime didn't bring about any new ideas. While the story was generic it did have good development which is rare to see in ecchi packed Anime like this. Not to say it was perfect because not all the episodes were devoted to escalating the plot. Rather the first half of the Anime was used to develop the characters and introduce them. If the Anime devoted some of the episodes in the beginning to plot development it wouldn't have been so forced in the end. The story would have been better if it either had more episodes to work with or managed it's time better.
There are some things which could have made this Anime better...
- More episodes
- Spent time on plot rather then fan-service.
- Less generic since it made it predictable.
- Some better voice acting.
All in all this Anime can be passed over for some better Anime but if it makes a good pass time. So if you like demons and funny ecchi with a mild story this what you are looking for.
Judgement: 5/10 Could have been better.
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    I keep hearing about this anime but never seem to get around to watching it haha
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    TheAwsome +1
    You probably wouldn't I did not like it enough to watch it again. And thanks.
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    Anime that chooses to do development for more than one characters can definitely use many episodes. Perhaps if it's done in a way in which it's as if the viewer grows with the character, like in Gargantia, than 13 episodes is good enough. Anyway, doesn't seem like something I would like. Good job reviewing it :]
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