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Now most Anime never take romance to the next level after they fall in love. In this Anime we get to observe two young hormonal teenagers develop their relationship after they are already boyfriend and girlfriend. This is probably one of my favorite Anime due to several reasons so lets get into it.
The Art in this Anime isn't amazing but it gets the job done right. It definitely sets up the mood in this romance. One aspect I liked about is how it took the time of day into perspective like the afternoon for example were the setting sun leaves a gentle orange hue over the setting.
One strong aspect of this Anime is it's character development which can be seen in every episode. We get to see these two develop as a couple like you would in reality. This goes from the simple gestures of Akira trying to move their relationship upward to how they both work out problems with one another like in real life. That's one of the great things about this Anime we get to see how these two interact and grow on one another. The other characters as I said before help to push along their development.
The cast of characters in this Anime are rather simple. This Anime concentrates on the two main characters more than anything so the other characters in the Anime act as supports to move the plot. Akira the heroine in this story is like any other teenager at that point in his life basing most of his actions on raging hormones. As a character you can say he's average but it worked well here as it made him more realistic.While he is pretty average his girlfriend is another story. Urabe is an introvert primarily with her own sense of humor as can be seen in the first episode. It can be seen that she is rather blunt with her words making it so you never know what actions she'll perform. She also has other weird aspects that make her a unique character you normally don't see in the romance genre. Which is rather refreshing.
The plot of this story is simple we see the relationship between two teenagers progress. That sort of the story here making it a slice-of-life but this Anime made the use of a lot of abstract things. One major plot mover here is saliva. Yes saliva this is the bond that keeps them together in the start of their relationship and allowed love to bloom. I think saliva is a metaphor on kissing but I'll leave it for to decide on. This Anime unlike other romances doesn't give you the run around it is straight forward and always moving along their relationship. 
There is also some fan-service to be seen in this Anime. But unlike other Anime this isn't the trip and I fell in your panties kind of thing. Rather the fan-service here works well into what the Anime had going. Some of it even helped in moving the plot forward which is something you don't see in many Anime.
Other than that this Anime also makes the use of comedy. Through use of it in a balance it never feels out of place and is works well with the overall story we see. The funny moments I feel are in some of the characters actions. But everyone has a different sense of comedy. 
So if you have been holding off this Anime for whatever reason I suggest you give this Anime a go. This Anime gives you the chance to observe what happens after they are in love which is something rare. The characters themselves are unique and refreshing making this Anime better. Not much more I can say but this Anime is worth the watch.
Judgment: 8/10 This is excellent!
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    NeNe +1
    Must say...though the drool shots creep me out beyond belief, I am enjoying this series! Thanks Awsome! ^^
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    This was my favorite series when it was out. You can tell the creators put a lot of passion into it. The main character's name Akira is just one of the many subtle anime references tucked away throughout the series.
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    You guys are welcome!
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    NeNe +1
    Oh this sounds really interesting! Thanks Awsome I'll have to put it on My List :3
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    complex +1
    I am very happy that you reviewed this one. It is a must-watch for me. I don't know why I haven't started yet. I especially wanted to see it after I read a review on it in a magazine. I really like the fact that these characters actually have this realistic romantic relationship, because shojo romances are always so vague and have little to no progression. So, you're right, this is refreshing. Thank you for posting. :]
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