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Okami-san and Her Seven Companions ~Anime Review~
Ryouku(light brown hair girl), Ringo (red hair, short), Ryoshi(black hair, green shirt) along with the rest of the gang.

An effective narrator is hard to come by. They need to be good with not just their voice but also their dialogue. Still, it is a wonder if a narrator is needed at all in certain anime and stories, when a simple response from the characters would suffice. When the narrator is excellent though, the story's feelings and thoughts can be perfectly portrayed to the audience.
In Okami and her seven companions anime however, the narrator is pretty annoying. She does not add anything to the plot.  And at times she would talk over the characters voices, making it hard to understand what is going on. She doesn't want to stop talking in every episode of the anime too. Whats worse, she conveys the obvious things that is going on: commentary.  It's a real shame for the story, considering how unique the characters were portrayed personality wise.  
Story Development
Holding hands? Who could have thought?

The story tried to make the main characters each feeling unique in their own way. Ryoshi, the male black hair lead, had a problem with people looking at him. Ryouku, the female brown hair lead, was very tsundere and uses her fist alot. Ringo, companion of Ryoku, likes to tease Ryouku but has Ryouku's best interest at heart. Liszt, head of the otogi bank, is a master of disguise and lazy at times. Alice, Liszt's cousin, is formal and very good at her work. Majolica, mysterious girl, loves to make things and very easy going. Otsuu, a maid of otogi bank, tries to help people while always wearing a maid outfit. Otohime, mistress to Tarou, likes to "play" with Tarou and wants him to declare his undying love all the time. Tarou, ladies man, is interested in every lady but is tied down to Otohime's love. Finally, the villain, Shirou has a twisted personality that loves to give people pain. Although, the anime doesn't diverge away from Ryouku's and Ryoshi's perspective.
With that said, the anime really doesn't fully tell the story of the other main characters. Shirou, the villain of the main conflict, doesn't help drive the story when he is not stopped and continues his way towards the end, little change has been made. It is the same way with the romantic relationship of Ryoshi and Ryouku, little to no development. On the other hand, the manga had the reader more intimate with the hardships and past of each main character. To put it in perspective, the anime was too short. 
The anime length should have been longer than 12 episodes. We would had a better romantic development between Ryouku and Ryoshi, less punching gag (Ryouku constantly hurt Ryoshi due to her feelings). Each main character could fully tell their side of the main story. Also, Shirou would have been stopped at the end instead of letting him go and allowing him to do as he please, a cliff hangar ending. It is a very bitter feeling too when nothing was solved and no real development was made in the anime. 
Overall score
Oh, Ringo likes to tease.

I want to emphasis that the narrator was nauseating. Again, the narrator made it hard for me to understand what was going on. Half the time, I was thinking I didn't understand English thanks to the narrator. Please do not watch the anime for that reason besides the reasons listed above for it being short, bad conflict, and bad story development.
Animation: 3/5
Sound/Music: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Final Score: 2/5 Bad, do not recommend, do not bother unless you really love short anime.
Where to watch:,,, Blueray/DVD
Anime Recommendations
Toradora: A better love comedy than Okami-san and her seven companions. A real genuine tsundere you can love, small and cute main female lead. Check out TheAwsome's review on the anime.
Zero no Tsukaima: The female lead is a tsundere as well but the setting is in a fantasy world where the main character is stuck there. Might get a little old if you don't like explosions and tsundere comedy.
Ouran High School Host Club: Wacky characters you can love with a slight angle of love in the mix. One of the best all time love comedy anime.
Getbackers: Not relating to love comedy; however, there are similar systems set up in where the anime both treat request from customers as important. Plus, it is more serious and much more interesting world to see though.

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    I've still have yet to watch this series. Honestly the only thing that caught my attention to it in the first place was that Ryouku looked like a taller version of Taiga.
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    The dubbed Narrator was annoying. The subbed one was awesome!! This anime was awesome. Just finished it not too long ago. :D
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    Trust me friend when I say this, I was confused when the narrator talked while watching the subbed version and dubbed version. My head started hurting. =(
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    If this was subbed, I'd hate to know what the dubbed narrator would sound like. And I have to agree with 12 episodes being too short for most series. It's worse when they don't take advantage of every episode yet still end on a cliff hanger in hopes of getting a green-light for the 2nd season. Either way, good read. :)
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