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Added anime entry for Love Me, Seriously!!
Love Me, Seriously!! In addition to having many people with samurai ancestry living there, Kawakami City is noted for having a strong sense of duty, devotion, and work ethic among its residents. Every day, whether they are preparing for tests, participating in sporting events, or making sure to uphold their traditions, the Kawakami Academy students put this information to work. One such student is Yamato Naoe, who has six close friends—three males and three girls—who function as the ideal unit for motivation, competition, and companionship. But even samurai have their limits. Even though their group's harmony and long-standing friendship have been maintained for a while, things start to get much more interesting when two new girls join. They are required to uphold what they believe to be the samurai tradition while also engaging in numerous "distractions."
Added anime entry for Muv-Luv Alternative
Muv-Luv Alternative The BETA, an alien species who invaded Earth in 1973, have been the target of a desperate, three-decade-long conflict that has gripped the entire globe. Takeru Shirogane, a high school student, abruptly awakens from a horrific nightmare in which he sees humanity in total defeat amidst this turmoil. Soon after, he understands that his dream was nothing more than memories of his time spent living in a another reality. In those recollections, the Alternative V project is put into action, saving mankind in the end by sending thousands of people into space while abandoning the other billion to an unjust fate. Takeru joins a military installation in Yokohama, which also happens to be his old high school, in an effort to alter this bleak destiny.
Added anime entry for The Devil is a Part-Timer!
The Devil is a Part-Timer! The Demon Lord Satan leads his huge demon army into Ente Isla, striking terror into the hearts of humanity. But when he begins this horrific campaign to conquer the continent, Emilia, the heroine, foils Satan's plans, causing him to flee via a dimensional portal and return to the human world. The devil, who is stranded in contemporary Tokyo with his devoted general Alsiel, swears to return and finish enslaving Ente Isla if they can only figure out a way to get there. Satan, who is helpless in a world devoid of magic, disguises himself as Sadao Maou and starts working at a nearby MgRonald's to make ends meet. He quickly comes to the conclusion that conquering Ente Isla is simply not enough, and he becomes determined to work his way up the corporate ladder and govern Earth, one happy client at a time!
Added anime entry for World's End Harem
World's End Harem Reito Mizuhara, a medical student at the National Advanced Medical School in Tokyo, develops cellular sclerosis, an extremely rare and fatal condition. He is placed in a cryogenic sleep for five years in order to receive treatment. When he awakens, he discovers that a year into his sleep, a pandemic broke out that was brought on by the fictional Male Killer (MK) virus, which only affects men and has murdered every other man on Earth. Reito and four other guys were fortunately saved during their cryosleep and have now developed a viral immunity. They are entrusted with mating with as many women as they can in order to repopulate the globe because they are the last remaining men. Reito, however, is dedicated to Elisa Tachibana, his childhood sweetheart and one and only love interest, only to discover that she vanished three years prior. Reito resolves to pursue Elisa, resist endless temptation, and look into this unknown virus as the other male survivors adjust to this new environment.
Added anime entry for Parallel World Pharmacy
Parallel World Pharmacy Kanji Yakutani, a renowned medical researcher, lost his younger sister to a tumor many years ago as a result of inadequate treatment. He has devoted his study to creating new treatments for these types of ailments in memory of her legacy. However, fate has it that he overworks himself and dies at the age of 31, just to be offered a second chance at life in another universe. When Kanji awakens, he discovers himself in the body of Falma de Médicis, a 10-year-old kid who hails from a distinguished Sain Fleuve Empire family of physicians. Falma, who carries the mark of a deity's divine favor, possesses a special divine art that enables him to produce and reduce any substance while being aware of its chemical composition. Falma discovers that modern medicine follows the same principles as traditional medicine after reading a few pharmacology books. He also discovers that medicine is a privilege reserved for the nobility only, preventing common people of access to quality medical care.
Added anime entry for Black Summoner
Black Summoner In exchange for strong skills, extra skill points, and the title of S-class summoner, Kelvin gives up all of his memories from his former existence in order to get ready for rebirth in another universe. In addition, the goddess Melfina, who is helping his rebirth, grants him the choice of any partner to help him get started in his summoner duty. Kelvin, who had fallen head over heels for Melfina at first sight, quickly makes the goddess his choice, sure that even without all of his memories, his intense affections for her would come back. Melfina serves as Kelvin's guide as he sets out on his fascinating new expedition. However, he needs to gain a large number of mana points in order to call his beloved goddess in physical form. The best method to do this is to level up by engaging in battle with challenging foes and forging alliances with more challenging allies.
Added anime entry for Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose
Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose Kuroha Shida, one of the most popular girls at Hozumino High School, and Suehara Maru were childhood closest friends. Kuroha is the ideal older sister type since she is adorable, extroverted, and loving. Boys are continuously pleading to be with her. Suehara, however, rejects her right away once she confesses to him one day because he simply cannot think of her in that way. In addition, he already has Shirokusa Kachi in mind, his first love and the celebrated author who is also a school idol. After a fateful encounter, Suehara thinks he has a chance with Kachi, but he soon learns that Kachi has a boyfriend! Suehara laments about what may have been as his hopes are now dashed. That is, until Kuroha comes up to him and says, "Let's exact revenge."
Added anime entry for Redo of Healer
Redo of Healer It appeared that Keyaru would have a bright future when he gained the abilities of a Hero who specialized in curing all wounds, no matter how severe. But what awaited him was intense suffering; he endured years of horrifying torture and mistreatment that seemed to go on forever. With the use of his healing talents, Keyaru was able to covertly gather the knowledge and skills of everyone he helped, gradually surpassing everyone. But by the time he realized his full ability, he had already lost everything, and it was much too late. Keyaru made the decision to cast a potent healing spell that turned the world back in time to the moment before he started to experience his terrible fate because he was determined to get his life back on track. Armed with the pain of his past, he makes a promise to start over in order to accomplish a new goal: to inflict retribution on those who have harmed him.
Added anime entry for Horimiya
Horimiya The idea of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would seem to be the furthest thing from most people's minds. Hori, after all, is the picture of beauty and intelligence, whereas Miyamura seems weak and distant to his friends. But a fateful encounter between the two reveals both of their secret nature. Hori is well-liked at school but finds it difficult to mingle with her classmates because of housekeeping. But Miyamura, who has hidden tattoos and body piercings that give him the appearance of a mild miscreant, lives in plain sight of his classmates. Despite having completely different personalities, the two quickly become friends and frequently hang out in Hori's house. They each share a side of themselves that is hidden from the outside world as they come out of their shells.
Added anime entry for Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-
Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- The devastation that results from highly developed AIs attempting to exterminate humans permeates the air with the stench of fresh blood and burnt bodies. A scientist stakes everything on a relic from the past in a desperate attempt to stop the catastrophe from happening. In a century from now, AIs will already be a vital component of human society and will have been programmed with defined tasks to do over their entire operational lifespan. The first autonomous AI, Vivy, is a singer whose job is is to promote joy with her voice. She strives to give her all during her performances in a theme park where she hardly ever gets a proper audience and is obligated to repeat it every day. That is, until an advanced AI from the future appears in front of her and asks for her assistance in preventing a devastating war that has been in the works for a hundred years.
Added anime entry for Monster Incidents
Monster Incidents A hostess at a nearby inn assigns Kohachi Inugami, a detective with expertise in the supernatural, to look into a series of occurrences involving rotting and dismembered cattle bodies that have started showing up seemingly out of the blue in a lonely village in rural Japan. Inugami spots a strange young lad laboring in the fields as he surveys the area. The teenage farmhand, who is shunned by his classmates and known as "Dorotabou" because of his smell, is shocked that anyone would be interested in him. Despite the villagers' scornful looks, Inugami recruits Dorotabou to assist him in the inquiry because he is curious. Unbeknownst to Dorotabou, this inquiry would open his eyes to a bizarre new world—one in which the beast-like creatures known as Kemono coexist with people—and give his formerly meaningless existence a new direction.
Added anime entry for My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became
My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became Yuuji Sano receives a second chance when he teleports to an imaginary world reminiscent of a video game after working himself to death in a tough corporate atmosphere. Yuuji learns that he holds the title of a Monster Tamer, the lowest rank of adventurer, despite his desire to live a modest life. With his newly acquired abilities, he tames several slimes nearby and, with their assistance, gains magical abilities to become a Sage—a second career that makes the most of such potential. The scars left over from the life Yuuji left behind prevent him from going all out even after obtaining overwhelming strength. However, unforeseen perils pose a threat to the world that is now his only home, so he might not be able to conceal his skills for much longer.
Added anime entry for Overlord III
Overlord III The Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick return to their lord Ainz Ooal Gown's home after the horrifying assault on the Re-Estize capital city. They are now prepared to put their ambitions for global dominance into action after months of preparation. The rest of the world goes on while Ainz's war machine gets stronger. Despite the numerous dangers that are constantly looming over the isolated Carne Village, which Ainz previously saved from certain destruction. Additionally, a certain Bloody Emperor in the Baharuth Empire's northeast sets his sights on Nazarick's growing might.
Added anime entry for Overlord IV
Overlord IV The capital of the recently created Sorcerer Kingdom, E-Rantel, is severely short on supplies. Due to its caution or maybe dread of its ruler, Ainz Ooal Gown, the once-prosperous city of trade is now in turmoil. Ainz sends Albedo to the city as a peace ambassador as an act of restitution. Ainz's invasion wounded the Re-Estize Kingdom's army, and in the meantime, the cardinals of the Slane Theocracy plot for the Baharuth Empire to conquer the Sorcerer Kingdom. Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix is met by none other than Ainz when he schedules a meeting with the Theocracy's messengers at a colosseum. The emperor and his guests find that Ainz has challenged the Warrior King, the empire's best fighter, to a duel now that their private gathering has been made public. Jircniv is powerless to stop the future of humanity from changing in front of his eyes because Ainz's intentions are beyond his comprehension.
Added anime entry for The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Rimuru Tempest has his hands full taking care of his country along with day-to-day issues while battling monsters and negotiating with neighboring nations. However, no task is too big for Rimuru and his buddies, whether it is expanding the farms in the sweltering summer or shoveling snow in the frigid winter! With the help of his friends, Rimuru decides to keep a diary and record the fun things that happen in his life as a slime every day, such as attending festivals and going to the beach.
Added anime entry for Cells at Work! CODE BLACK!
Cells at Work! CODE BLACK! The body of a given person is constantly in turmoil as a result of poor lifestyle choices. The tasks of different cells grow more risky and challenging as germs, bacteria, and other objects proliferate. Sekkekkyuu AA2153 and Hakkekkyuu U-1196 endeavor to carry out their duties—even if it means witnessing many of their fellow cells sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. They are some of the unfortunate ones who matured in this chaotic atmosphere.
Added anime entry for Platinum End
Platinum End Mirai Kakehashi has experienced anguish and hopelessness his entire life because of the explosion that claimed his family. He experiences harassment from the family members who took him in every day. He eventually reaches the edge as his agony slowly erodes his will to live. He stands on the edge of a cliff and jumps, prepared to lose everything. Instead of dying from falling, he enters a trance and encounters a winged creature who identifies as his guardian angel. The angel, who goes by the name of Nasse, offers him two priceless skills and persuades him to keep living. When Mirai sees for himself the wonder of his new abilities, he gets a taste of the freedom that had been kept from him for so long. With Nasse's talents at her disposal, Mirai is forced into a confrontation with 12 other people; the victor will be crowned the next God.
Added anime entry for Peach Boy Riverside
Peach Boy Riverside A princess named Saltorine "Sally" Aldike is looking for a person named Mikoto Kibitsu in a magical realm where humans, demihumans, and oni are bitterly at odds with each other. Due to her heritage, Sally had been ignorant of many truths while she traveled the world, including the fact that the oni were capable of eradicating humanity. Sally possesses a peculiar power that appears as a symbol of a peach and grants her superhuman abilities, enabling her to defeat strong oni. This power seems to be a way to oppose the might of the oni. However, Sally tries to avoid making distinctions between them because she thinks that there may be a chance for all three groups to live in peace. Mikoto, who possesses a similar ability to Sally's but with better skill has a different objective. Mikoto will do anything to achieve his goal of exterminating and torturing all oni in existence. The power Sally and Mikoto hold will determine whether there is peaceful coexistence or complete annihilation.
Added anime entry for The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another Wor
The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another Wor The most lethal assassin in history had vowed eternal allegiance to the group that had reared him. But in spite of his loyalty, that very group acts to suppress him, which finally results in his death. He finds himself in front of a goddess who has been drawn to him by his amazing abilities while drowning in frustration and regrets he can no longer repress. The goddess offers him the chance to reincarnate into a glorious world of magic and swords in order to complete a vital task: kill the world's hero in order to stop it from being destroyed. He relives as Lugh Tuatha Dé, the son of a noble line of assassins serving the Alvan Kingdom, after agreeing to the goddess' request. Lugh is taught new murder methods by his father, which are very different from the cold-blooded and callous killing methods of his past existence. His other skills also develop, which enables him to make new friends and allies. Even so, Lugh is aware that his efforts fall short of what it takes to kill the hero.
Added anime entry for Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Rudeus Greyrat and his tenacious pupil Eris Boreas Greyrat are sent to the Demon Continent following the unexplained mana catastrophe. There, they form "Dead End," a successful adventurer party, with their new friend Ruijerd Supardia, the former captain of the Superd's Warrior organization. The group, who are making a name for themselves, travels across the continent to return to Fittoa. Rudeus saves Kishirika Kishirisu, the Great Emperor of the Demon World, by following the advice he received from the faceless god Hitogami, and as a return, he is given a bizarre power. Now that Rudeus has mastered the potent talent that opens up many new possibilities, it might end up being more than he bargained for when unforeseen perils attempt to obstruct their journey.
Added character entry for Izuku, Midoriya
Izuku, Midoriya Midoriya was originally born without a Quirk. Through sheer determination and having a pure heart he quickly caught the attention of the #1 ranking super hero: All Might. All Might sees the nobility within young Midoriya and passes down the Quirk "All For One" to him. All Might begins training him unrelentingly because his current body is nowhere near strong enough to withstand all that power.
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