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Added anime entry for Love Tyrant
Love Tyrant The Angel of Love comes down to Earth to bring couples together. With her she brings an enchanted notebook that who evers name is written in the book along with another will instantly fall in love. She appears before a high school boy named Seiji Aino and tries to find out who he has a crush on. He is reluctant to tell her until he sees her approaching. Before he realizes it, his tell tale signs of blushing come forwards and Guri quickly writes their name into the book.
Added anime entry for The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins In a time that was similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared and at the same time revered Holy Knights of Britannia would use powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. However, a small band of the knights supposedly betrayed their homeland and comrades in an attempt to overthrow their ruler of Liones. The small band was defeated by the Holy Knights, but there are rumours floating around that these legendary knights, called the "Seven Deadly Sins," were still alive. Roughly ten years later, the Holy Knights themselves staged a coup d'etat, and then became the new and very tyrannical rules of the Kingdom of Liones.
Added anime entry for Vatican Miracle Examiner
Vatican Miracle Examiner The Vatican has a special department that tries to verify genuine "miracles" from man made trickery. This department is referred to as "Seito no Za" (Assembly of Saints). Robert Nicholas, an ancient archive and cryptanalysis expert is partnered and good friends with Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist. Together, they investigate the "miracles" and uncovers the incidents and conspiracies hidden behind them.
Added anime entry for Clione no Akari
Clione no Akari Takashi and Kyouko are riddled with guilt because everyday at school they see a illness-stricken, constantly bullied orphan girl named Minori. They try to come up with ways to ease the burden on her, and to at least get her to smile. Kyouko gets three tickets to an aquarium in the next town and offers the other two to go with her. Minori accepts and all three of them have a wonderful time. The next day at school Minori is away and continues to be away for two months! Kyouko and Takashi are worried that maybe her illness had gotten worse, but one day they receive an anonymous e-mail talking about the summer festival happening in the next town
Added anime entry for Angel's 3Piece!
Angel's 3Piece! Kyou Nukui is a first year high school student, but first and foremost a shut-in. Due to a rather embarrassing situation the previous year, he has refused to attend school. Now that he's not attending school he has more time to indulge in his hobby of making vocaloid songs and uploading them online. One day, he receives a message from a fan asking if they could meet up with him. Kyou is a little hesitant, but decides to accept the offer. At the meeting place, three elementary school girls arrive. The three of them want to form a band and ask Kyou for help.
Added anime entry for Tsugumomo
Tsugumomo Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without his precious "sakura obi" that his mother gave him. One day a very beautiful, kimono wearing girl named Kiriha appears before him after saving his life! Kiriha then saves his life once more but before she does that she makes a pact with him, he will be her servant if she rescues him. His life goes from one extreme to the next as suddenly Kiriha moves into his room with him. Then there's Chisato, Kazuya's childhood friend with glasses and a ponytail, who always seems to be around.
Added anime entry for Classroom of the Elite
Classroom of the Elite Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is the leading prestigious school with state of the art facilities and where 100% of the students go on to university or find employment. In this school the students have the freedom to bring any personal effects they want or wear any hairstyle. Koudo Ikusie would seem like the perfect school, but the truth is that only the most superior of the students receive favorable treatment.
Added anime entry for The Grimoire of Zero
The Grimoire of Zero In the year of 526, the world new that witches existed. These witches practised the notorious art of sorcery. Even though they practised it, the world didn't know anything about the study of magic. "beast-fallen" are a half-man, half-beast and have no real belonging in society. The majority of them become mercenaries making their living through hunting witches. A young witch, living her life studying in a cave, is heading out into the real world for the first time. She runs into a beast-fallen and continues relentlessly to get him to accompany her to find a book that was stolen from her; The Grimoire of Zero. She convinces him, that if they succeed she will turn him into a human man.
Added anime entry for A Centaur's Life
A Centaur's Life Himeno is an average teenage girl that attends school and lives with her parents. Her grades are excellent and she's great in sports. The only difference is that she's a centaur and her friends and classmates are mermaids, angels and other mystical creatures.
Added anime entry for 18if
18if Haruto wakes up on a round bed in a strange room. The only things that look familiar is what he's wearing and a smartphone and headphones. He encounters a strange girl in white named Lily who claims to be his sister and a weird man who looks like a cat. Haruto learns that he's in a dream belonging to Yuko, a girl stricken with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Yuko is the renowned Witch of Thunder, an all-powerful woman who makes the dream world bow before her. Haruto's sister tells him that he must wake Yuko up by killing her in the dream in order to break the “spell” she's under, but Haruto's got some other ideas about what might be keeping Yuko asleep.
Added anime entry for The Book of Bantorra
The Book of Bantorra Once you die, your soul turns into a stone tablet that is scattered throughout the land. Anyone who finds it can look upon your life and can see how you lived. Bantorra Library is maintained by Armed Librarians who wield amazing powers. The library is guarded by beasts, the further you go down the more danger you will face.
Added anime entry for Rewrite S2
Rewrite S2 Kagari has restarted the new world. Kotarou, this time, grows up as a loner; disillusioned by his parents' devotion to the Martel Group. The gang is still with him, but they are a lot younger than last time. He begins following a path that will ultimately turn him into a super powered double agent!
Added anime entry for Is It Wrong 2 Try 2 Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side?
Is It Wrong 2 Try 2 Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side? Aiz Wallenstein aka The Sword Princess is once again the strongest female swordsman. She heads to a giant labyrinth known as the "Dungeon" along with her companions. On the fiftieth floor where unknown mysteries and serious threats lurk behind every corner or in every dark shadow; is where they are headed. Aiz hears a horrible scream and saves a boy from a minotaur only to have that same boy run away from her in fear. She is beside herself as to why he would run away. She only wants to apologize for putting him in harms way.
Added anime entry for Berserk 2017
Berserk 2017 Possessed by a raging flame in his heart, the Black Swordsman Guts continues on his endless quest for revenge. Everything that tries to stand in his way of obtaining his goal gets cut down with his huge sword. Even though it chips away at his life, Guts continues to fight his enemies, who use repulsive and inhumane tactics.
Added anime entry for Castlevania
Castlevania Lisa charges into Dracula's castle and demands that she wants to be a doctor. She piques his interest of how much man has changed over the years. Lisa bargains with him, she will teach him about humanity and he will teach her all he knows. A little later, the church declares that Lisa is a witch do to all the "scientific" equipment she has in her home and they burn her immediately at the stake. Moments later Dracula comes home and unleashes all hell. Telling everyone that they have but 1 year to leave this country. If they do not leave he will bring upon them hell itself and destroy everything in his path!
Added anime entry for A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesnt Exist
A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesnt Exist The law for "Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising" took en effect 16 years ago in Japan. With this law, coarse language and certain lewd hand gestures were completely banned. Tanukichi Okuma ranks as the country's leading elite public morals school and is soon visited by the leader of the Anti-Societal Organization (SOX) by it's founder, Ayame Kajō. As a memeber blackmailed into joining by Ayame, Tanukichi ends up taking part in obscene acts of terrorism against the the talented student body council president, whom he also has a huge crush on, Anna.
Added anime entry for Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas
Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas The Chain Chronicle is a book that describes everything that happens in the world. The continent of Yggd was once thought that there was nothing beyond it. The continent was divided into several regions and each region has its own king. Although there were small skirmishes here and there, a lord, chosen by the king would always maintain balance. That is until the evil Black Army arrived. Yuri is leading a volunteer army against the Black Army, but they proved to be unsuccessful! In that moment when Yuri failed, the Lord of Black captures half of the Chain Chronicle as well as the capital city.
Added anime entry for Granblue Fantasy the Animation
Granblue Fantasy the Animation This is a world of wonder and magic, where many islands drift in the sky. Gran and his companion, a talking winged dragon named Vyern live in Zinkestill. One day, they came across a beautiful girl named Lyria. Lyria had just escaped from the Erste Empire with the help of Katalina Alize. The empire is a military government that is trying to rule the entire world using anything they can get their hands on. Gran, Vyern, Lyria and Katalina decide it would be best to leave Gran's island and head out for the open skies. Gran takes this opportunity to also search for his father. His only clue is a letter he received when he was a child which said, "I will be waiting at Estalucia".
Added anime entry for The Silver Guardian
The Silver Guardian Sui Gin is dirt poor, so poor that he has to work multiple jobs just to be able to attend the prestigious Shinryou Private Academy. In spite of being financially set back he does have an online reputation: Best online video game player! This identity however is... well... unknown to all except for Riku Lei, Sui Gin's classmate. She gives him a mysterious mobile device and before she can explain what it does or what it could be used for, she gets kidnapped! Sui Gin accidentally activates the device and is transported into a new world, a gaming world known as Tomb Raider. In this world he must find his way to Riku Lei and rescue her at all costs.
Added anime entry for Armed Girl's Machiavellism
Armed Girl's Machiavellism The very private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a high school for upper-class girls. When it eventually became co-ed, the girls, out of fear, asked to be permitted to bring weapons to school. When it became enforced, a five-member vigilante group called the "Supreme Five Swords" was also created. The five swords eventually became a group which corrected problematic students, and the academy started proactively accepting such students in order to correct them. Nomura Fudou graciously accepted the chance to go to this school, being a good boy at heart. His only problem is: no matter how hard he tries his good deeds always become misconstrued. This misunderstanding automatically leads him into the laps of the five swords who deem him a miscreant and thus must be punished immediately. He has two choices once he arrives at the prestigious school, either do as the other boys have; wear make up and act like girls or get expelled.
Added character entry for Tokonome, Mamori
Tokonome, Mamori Mamori speaks softly and looks younger than her age of sixteen. She hates violence, but when seeing someone get hurt she is quick to react; even if that same person had hurt her. She stands up for what she believes in no matter the risk. When she met Mirei, her Liberator, she found she possessed the power to transform her body into a weapon.
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